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Flame Resistant (FR) Rain Gear

Make sure you get the protection you need with the proper FRC rainwear. Flame resistant rainwear that complies with ASTM F1891 protects you from the thermal hazards of momentary electric arcs and open flames, but rainwear that complies with ASTM F2733 is a must for workers who are simultaneously exposed to wet weather and either hydrocarbon or petrochemical industrial fires.

Our selection has the protection you need and the comfort you want while exposed to the elements. We carry a full line of FRC rainwear, including jackets, hooded jackets, and bibs.

Our FRC rainwear is available in either yellow or orange with reflective film for ultimate safety. We carry flame resistant rainwear from leading brands like Bulwark, Sherwood, Carhartt, and Neese. Many are available with a number of conveniences to help you do your job better, such as patch pockets, inside pockets for your phone, tucked away hoods, and more.

We strive to keep our selection stocked fully stocked with the most in-demand items. It’s essential for you to have the protection you need when you need it, so you can rely on Feury Safety to have the items you want on hand and get them shipped out to you in a timely manner.

Look below and choose from our large variety of FR clothing. Feel confident knowing that you’ll not only be protected from wet weather, you’ll also be protected from flash fires and electric arc while on the job with select items that meet NFPA 70 E and HRC 1 to 4 standards.

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