One of the keys to maintaining professional and credible presentation at your institution – whether it’s a blue-collar business such as an auto shop, trades like plumbing & construction, part of the service industry such as hospitality or leisure, a health care insitution, a charity organization; whether you do work indoors or outdoors – is having a consistent look for your employees. This is where our Custom Workwear programs come in. We have a wide range of available workwear, with a large selection of styles and colors, and a full spectrum of applications. Everything from ordinary polo shirts, to medically-certified hospital wear, to fire-resistant clothing for dangerous workplaces, to fully-compliant reflective gear for night environments and work sites – all our workwear can be customized with your organization’s logo and other graphical assets. Contact us today to design and produce top-quality working gear for all your employees.

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We can help you design and produce custom gear tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your organization. Just contact us to get started.

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Custom Workwear from Work Hard Dress Right


We take into account your number of locations, employees, and geographical spread that can affect your workwear needs.


We will provide you with clothing that fulfills your requirements with respect to fit, function, durability, and other factors.


We will set you up with a workwear cleaning program that suits your industry, levels of usage & contaminants, up to and including hazardous materials.


You can select from a number of purchasing methods for your employees – per-person allowance, allotments, or manage purchases by branch. There is no minimum order!


We offer a full set of tracking and management solutions that let you measure, track and control purchasing options for full visibility & flexibility.


You can choose whether to ship your order to your central locations, or drop-ship to each employee’s home for convenience.

Engaging Work Hard Dress Right to create a custom workwear program is a great way for your company or institution to save money, present a professional face to your clients, bolster your brand awareness and provide necessary attire and protection for your employees.

Consistently branded workwear is the sine qua non of a professional workplace, and one of the most fundamental ways to project uniformity and competence. Customers get the impression of a consistent and well-managed environment, and employees are encouraged to think of themselves as a team in a tightly-run ship.

Providing durable work uniforms for your employees through a centrally managed program also takes the pressure off them to find their own clothing and reduces stress, especially if you decide to have uniforms drop-shipped directly to your employees’ homes.

It goes without saying that uniforms with your company’s colors, logos and other visual assets is a good way to promote your brand and get the customer to remember your image and identity.

Lastly, committing to a workwear program through Work Hard Dress Right can be a great cost-saving move. With our competitive pricing and uniform laundry & management programs, you can save a great deal of money as well as hassle. Get the most out of your program by selecting one of the thousands of high-quality options on our website, or contact us for a consultation today.

We will gladly introduce you to all the ways Work Hard Dress Right can develop your brand image, protect your employees from work hazards, and save money in the process.