FR Workwear: A Comparison of Ariat, Wrangler, and Bulwark Flame-Resistant Workwear Brands

In hazardous work environments where flames and sparks pose significant risks, the importance of flame-resistant (FR) workwear cannot be overstated. Brands like Ariat, Wrangler, and Bulwark have gained prominence in providing high-quality FR workwear tailored to meet the demanding needs of various industries, and all three are available to your employees as part of the […]

Feury Branded Workwear Case Studies – How Our Customers Used Feury Image Group Services to Manage Uniforms and Company Branding

In our previous posts, we talked about Managed Uniform Programs in general terms, with explainers talking about what they are and what kind of customers take advantage of them. In this post, we will go over a couple of real-life case studies and see how actual companies benefited from Feury Image Group’s workwear branding and […]

Explainer: How can your Managed Uniform Program be customized? Can you pick and choose services?

One of the advantages of a WorkHardDressRight managed uniform program is the extensive customization of the services that can be tailored for your company’s needs. For clients that want a separate online shopping experience, we even offer a custom online portal – a complete stand-alone instance of our online uniform ordering store that has been […]

Fire-Resistant Workwear –Who Needs It and Why?

When it comes to choosing workwear, safety is always a top priority. In industries with a risk of fire hazards, having the right protective gear can make all the difference. What is Fire-Resistant Workwear? Fire-resistant workwear, also known as flame-resistant (FR) clothing, is designed to protect workers in high-risk industries from fire hazards. It is […]

Explainer: What exactly is a Managed Uniform Program? What services does it provide?

A managed uniform program is a service where a custom workwear company like WorkHardDressRight  provides its business or institutional clients with workwear, and takes care of it at all stages of its lifecycle. This means everything from the inception, which includes workwear selection, design, branding, manufacturing, sale and delivery; through the normal process of wear […]

Pt. 3 | What are the Benefits of a Managed Program for High-Visibility and Flame-Resistant Workwear?

The benefits of using a managed uniform program for high-visibility and flame-resistant workwear include: Improved Safety  Managed uniform programs ensure that employees have access to top-quality high-visibility and flame-resistant workwear that is fully compliant with safety regulations. This minimizes the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.   High-visibility and flame-resistant workwear makes your workers more […]

Does Goal Setting Do More Harm Than Good for Your Business?

Setting company goals is a common practice for most who start or run a business. For businesses small and large, goal-setting is as customary and established as budgets and performance reviews. Most pursue this practice with the understanding that clear business goals will motivate your team, increase performance and ultimately drive success. But does your […]

How High Visibility Clothing (HVC) Fits into your company safety culture

High-visibility clothing (HVC) is an important part of personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers in many industries. It is designed to make the wearer more visible to others, especially in low-light conditions. This can help to prevent accidents and injuries. There are several ways in which HVC fits into a company safety culture: It reinforces […]

Pt. 2 | Understanding Flame-Resistant Clothing (And the Importance of NOT Waiting to Upgrade)

Like high-visibility apparel, flame-resistant workwear is often required for workers operating in hazardous work environments or areas where exposure to high temperatures or fire risks exist. This type of apparel can provide significantly increased protection for workers in high-risk situations and should be a key consideration when choosing safety apparel for your workforce. What is […]

Marketing Boomerangs – What You Give Away Comes Back to You

Promotional products are an effective way to increase awareness and generate positive brand associations. Whether they are used for marketing, branding, or advertising purposes, promotional giveaways have the advantage of performing like boomerangs; they have both an intended target and the ability to provide a return to the sender. These qualities make them uniquely valuable […]

Understanding High-Visibility Clothing (And How to Make Sure You Select the Right Garments for your Team)

Understanding High-Visibility and Flame-Resistant Categories During National Safety Month: Pt. 1 | Understanding High-Visibility Clothing (And How to Make Sure You Select the Right Garments for your Team) June is National Safety Month, and there’s no better time to consider the role of high-visibility and flame-resistant categories in workplace safety. High-visibility clothing is designed for […]