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With direct access to thousands of styles from 100+ top-rated brands, you can provide your team with an extensive, customizable online selection that fits any person, any job, and any industry.

Building a program with an extensive range of footwear allows you and your team to accommodate every specific need for every person and every job. Need compliant footwear? We’ve got styles and brands to meet every OSHA requirement and exceed every ASTM, CSA, MARK II and SATRA test. Need a pair of men’s size 19 boots for “Big Frank” in the warehouse? We’ve got immediate options available—no need for custom ordering. Tired of your female employees wearing men’s boots in smaller sizes? Let them pick from a wide selection of styles built specifically for women.

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We can help you select and brand footwear to meet the specific needs of your organization. Just contact us to get started.

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Footwear from Work Hard Dress Right


We take into account your number of locations, employees, and geographical spread that can affect your footwear needs.


We will provide you with clothing that fulfills your requirements with respect to fit, function, durability, and other factors.


We will set you up with a footwear cleaning program that suits your industry, levels of usage & contaminants, up to and including hazardous materials.


You can select from a number of purchasing methods for your employees – per-person allowance, allotments, or manage purchases by branch. There is no minimum order!


We offer a full set of tracking and management solutions that let you measure, track and control purchasing options for full visibility & flexibility.


You can choose whether to ship your order to your central locations, or drop-ship to each employee’s home for convenience.

Quality Gear for All

How your footwear looks means little when compared to how it feels. The right selection of footwear can help your employees avoid extensive foot and body pain, reduce overall fatigue, and significantly decrease any risk of error from unnecessary distraction and discomfort. And most importantly, they can leave at the end of the day feeling happy, healthy, and ready to return the next day without need of recovery.