Explainer: How can your Managed Uniform Program be customized? Can you pick and choose services?

One of the advantages of a WorkHardDressRight managed uniform program is the extensive customization of the services that can be tailored for your company’s needs.

For clients that want a separate online shopping experience, we even offer a custom online portal – a complete stand-alone instance of our online uniform ordering store that has been customized for your company’s profile, ordering and financing needs, and with the brands and workwear types used in your company.

In addition, our managed program customization services include far more than just uniforms – we can design and produce a full range of branding apparel and other materials, including large printed materials, signage and window graphics, vehicle wraps and others.

The exceptional range of services offered and extensive uniform program customization is what makes our company stand out in the workwear and branding industry.

In our previous article, we identified some typical aspects of a Managed Uniform Program, briefly:

  1. Uniform Selection: Each of our clients relies on particular workwear brands.
  2. Sizing and Fitting: A managed program can either measure and fit employees at work, or rely on employees themselves to provide their measurements.
  3. Ordering and Inventory Management: Uniforms can be procured, ordered and shipped in a centralized fashion, or can be purchased by individual employees with an allowance through our portal.
  4. Laundering and Maintenance: Depending on the client, we offer industrial laundering and sanitization services.
  5. Distribution, Tracking, and Analytics: Running a custom online purchasing portal makes it easy to collect data and analytics.
  6. Compliance and Standards: Depending on the industry, there may be more or less stringent regulations or standards that uniforms must meet.
  7. Budgeting and Cost Control: Managed uniform programs often involve budgeting and cost control measures to ensure that uniform expenses are managed effectively and do not exceed allocated budgets.
  8. Employee Support: The program may offer support services to employees, such as handling uniform-related inquiries, providing replacement uniforms, and addressing any concerns or issues.

All of these aspects can be modified and customized based on your company’s needs and the specifics of your industry.

When onboarding a client, we rely on a questionnaire that determines their operating needs and gives them a massive range of options to choose from.

First of all, you can either shop for uniforms on the WorkHardDressRight.com website from our standard list of offerings, or have us create a stand-alone online store specially for your needs, that will only feature the brands and products used by your employees, and is customized for your needs in a number of other ways, such as payment methods, invoicing and others.

The site customization depends on who will be ordering – individual workers, administrators, corporate or all of the above. We can tailor access levels for different users, based on your tracking and data requirements, generate reports and other forms of accountability.

If the purchasing is done by individual employees, we can set a fixed allowance for each user, to be billed to the company; if your organization prefers to handle allotments by issuing employees company cards, we can activate credit card processing on your store instance. Allotments are also extensively customizable, with roll-overs, spending caps, financial or unit-based limits.

If you are renting uniforms, you are going to want to read this:

Spending rules can even be customized by department or unit.

You will also have great flexibility when it comes to shipping and handling. Workwear can be ordered and shipped centrally, or delivered to each worker individually. Branding and embroidery are among the customizations we offer; for industries where high-visibility clothing is important, we can add reflective striping and other visibility features to standard workwear.

As mentioned earlier, in addition to custom workwear, we also provide a full range of promotional materials. Depending on your promotional needs, your custom program can include catalogs and supermarket signage; we can also create custom kits for employee onboarding, and full sets of branded apparel.

Further customization options include workwear laundering and maintenance. These heavily depend on the needs and regulatory burden of your industry – oil and gas workers have vastly different workwear maintenance requirements from supermarket workers, and we will take them into account when designing your uniform program.

For heavily regulated industries that deal with hazardous or toxic materials, we can set up a workwear cleaning and sanitization program that complies with the requirements. Other clients of ours prefer to leave workwear laundering and maintenance to the individual employee, since industrial laundries can often leave clothes feeling rougher and stiffer than home washing.

These are just some of the ways that a WorkHardDressRight managed uniform program can be developed to fit the needs of your company in ways that a rental program can not, so you’re only getting what you need and not paying for services that you don’t. Call us today if you’d like to find out more and see how a managed uniform program can benefit your company.